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Etsy Listings: Increasing Visibility

I opened my Etsy shop in late 2016 with absolutely no idea what I was doing. One day later my first magnolia wreath sold (my only listing) and I was instantly hooked. I became addicted to figuring out how Etsy worked and how to get my shop to grow. Just over two years later I have over 2,700 sales on that single platform. I have learned a lot over the years and have had many successes and fails. Hopefully I can help cut some of the confusion and fails out for you, starting with my top three tips.

Tip #1: Listing Tags

The single most important part of your listing are your tags. You can have beautiful photos, top notch quality products, and have your prices right... but if your tags aren't correct, no one can find you. Etsy does not search your listing for keywords, you have to come up with the keywords that will make your products pop up. Those keywords are called your "tags". There are the basics that describe your product, but think outside the box. What style will people search? What kind of decor goes with your piece? What holiday or season is approaching? Add your business name in there too if you have one leftover tag (or else your business name won't pop up under a general search). Use all 13 tags!

Example: My beaded garlands

Tip #2: Your Listing Titles

This one is simple. It will look a bit cluttered, but move all of those keywords into your titles in your listings. I always start with what the items is, then add the size/colors, then finish with they tags.

Example: My magnolia wreath

Tip #3: Photos

The best investment I ever made was a nice camera (I purchased a Canon Rebel). Once your items pop up in a search, are your photos going to catch the attention of your potential customer? You will have a lot of competition, what is going to set your photos apart? I would also HIGHLY recommend you do not filter your photos (save that for social media). People want to see the real color and texture, and washed out photos are a sure turn off. The only thing I may tweak with my listing photos are my brightness.

This is your canvas and a reflection of you! Have fun and don't stress over the little things. The sales will come but don't expect your shop to grow overnight. (It took me a year to get established before things started picking up.) You can do it!!

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