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Graced (n)


(n) : 1) Seemingly effortless beauty 2) To give beauty, elegance, charm to *

There is a common thread that ties us all together. Some may have it more than others, but the fact still remains that all of our lives are strewn with grace.

Each of my designs. Every wreath. My home decor. My life. I want them all to be graced.

My life hinges on three elements, the three 'S's of design, that turns ordinary into graced.

Serenity - Simplicity - Sincerity

Serenity - Your home should be a calm and peaceful environment. Veranda put out a great article on creating serenity within your home (link). Their suggestions include eliminating clutter, stressing the importance of color { calming colors are best }, keeping only objects that bring happy memories, and incorporating natural elements { greenery }. **

Simplicity - Eric Reinholdt said "Simplicity makes room for living rather than things." Absolutely! I can't stress enough the need for decluttering and minimizing. We are so greatly effected by our environment and having a clean, organized, and decluttered space helps to bring serenity and simplicity into your home.

Reinholdt goes on...

"Simplicity is rational.

Simplicity values craft and material.

Simplicity rejects excess.

Simplicity invites reflection.

Simplicity appears effortless.

Simplicity is efficient.

Simplicity lends small gestures great importance.

Simplicity is assured and comfortable.

Simplicity welcomes light as an equal partner...

Simplicity isn't boring or unadorned...

Simplicity evokes home and supports the complexity of life.

Simplicity says much with little."***

Sincerity - This is about being true to yourself. You are most beautiful when you let your guard down and let the real you shine through! There is only one YOU in this world, don't hide who you were created to be. Your personality, your special gift to this world will naturally shine through your home, your decor, and your designs. Be unique. Be you. Be sincere!

These are the three keys to having effortless beauty in your life and in your home: Serenity, simplicity, and sincerity. You will find freedom. You will find peace. You will be graced.


Have A Graced Day


To kick off this new way of looking at life, I encourage you to use the hashtag #HaveAGracedDay . As you begin adding some grace into your life, please share it with me! I would love to hear your stories and how adding the three "S"s into your home transformed you!

Because I believe so wholeheartedly in this idea of grace, I have teamed up with Paper Amelia to create a custom print for our shop encompassing this idea. Every order we receive on and Etsy will include this exclusive print as a free gift. {Seen above!}





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