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Changing The World, One Wreath at a Time

There are some people in this world that leave a gaping hole when they are gone.

Philip Prins served in the US Army and after returning from his time overseas, he came back with a passion to make a difference in our world. He soon found himself in the Philippines teaching photography and spending the weekends at the local orphanage. Philip's heart was touched by each of these beloved orphans and he fundraised for their school books, supplies, and many other essentials. Christmas Eve of 2015 he was attacked by a group of men with unknown motive and New Years Day Philip breathed his last breath in his hospital bed. The question that plagued me in my grief in following months was,

"How could Philip's death not be in vain?"

Before I knew it was May 1st of 2017. I sat on my living room floor making a wreath for Philip's mom for Mother's Day, still mulling this question over in my mind. What difference could I make in this world, in Philip's honor? I felt helpless. My time is limited. My talents are few. It then hit me like a ton of bricks, Kay is not the only hurting mama in this world. My Mother's Day project was born,

Wreaths of Love

I wrote a quick post on Instagram asking for people to submit the names of hurting mamas they knew that could use a wreath of love this Mother's Day. I would pick one name at random and send that person a wreath to arrive before May 14. Stories and entries began flooding in.

It wasn't long before I realized this project was bigger than myself so I put a message out to fellow small shops and to my followers to see if anyone wanted to sponsor a wreath ((pay for materials and shipping)). I was not prepared for the response I would receive. After getting a total of 17 wreaths sponsored I realized I had a sponsor for every entry. It was a dream come true to be able to send a wreath to each hurting mama that was nominated.

After a week of making wreaths and packaging they were off to their new homes.

I received many messages in the coming weeks from the recipients and the individuals who nominated mamas.

Renewed hope.

A smile where there hadn't been any for months.

And a reminder to all that they are dearly loved.

May Philip's legacy of love and making a difference in our world live on!

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