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My Foundation Has Been Laid

Life often takes me by surprise. Perhaps it's because I don't plan my future with much detail or perhaps it's because my plans for myself are far less exciting than the plans God has for me. When I began the design job at Reedley Executive Center it was good I didn't know what was in store. I would have backed out immediately, feeling ill-equipped and overwhelmed by the enormous size of the project.

I immediately found myself knee deep in a massive remodel project, merging three separate buildings into a seamless new office, and managing an armful of contractors.

For most other people they would have excused themselves from the project, but not me. I would welcome a good challenge into my life any day. (I have to mention I also have the phenomenal support and endless wisdom from my husband who has been a drywall contractor for years. Without his help I couldn't have tackled REC.)

The project was originally supposed to be a month long. Here I am a year later, finishing up the very last details of the project and getting ready to sign a new contract to do seasonal refreshes quarterly.

I look back and am in awe of the journey I was taken on this last year. It was with blood, sweat, and tears (literally) that this building was transformed. It has been the talk of the town and has become a dearly loved space where people want to congregate... and this building became the foundation of my career.

My client told me throughout this entire project, "Malia, you realize this is just the beginning for you. There are mighty things in store for your future." I always chuckled and would say, "Yeah, sure." But little did I know... he was right.

Don't be afraid to tackle those challenges that come your way. The knowledge, experience, and growth you will gain on that project is truly irreplaceable.

For more after photos, hop over to my portfolio here.

Photo Credit || David J Orozco Photography


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