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Executive Center & Suites

The owner of Patio Cafe wanted to give a refresh to their restaurant for their 20th anniversary. They wanted a touch of farmhouse while still keeping a more eclectic feel. The patrons were extremely disappointed when they heard the beloved original mural was going to be painted over so we came up with the idea of 'shiplapping' over part of the mural while giving snapshots of the focal points. We replaced the mismatched fans with two large windmill fans. Commercial dimmable bistro lights were strung around the ceiling for an outdoorsy feel. Bar and pub seating was added for a more private space to eat and all of the table tops were updated. To finish off the "patio" feel we added in live plants from Foliage Clovis and a "flower bed" along the mural wall.   

Reedley Executive Center was a diamond in the rough, screaming to be given new life. The first time I stepped through the door and saw the crumbling brick walls, I knew the project was for me (my signature in college was brick). We started by re-working the floor plan by merging three separate buildings into our reception space. Walls came down, new walls were erected, interior windows popped up in each office, transom windows were strategically placed to bring natural light throughout the offices, and intense construction began. No corner of the building was left untouched. Each wall had wallpaper or paneling originally, the flooring was like carpet patchwork throughout, and no room left you inspired and ready for business. When designing a building on the list of national historic places, it was imperative we preserve the history, while updating for functionality and comfort. After 10 months, the diamond was polished and ready for her reveal. 




The old entrance to the building was uninviting. We refreshed the dated chrome around the windows and doors with a bronze-like finish. The brick wall was given new life with a large planter full of vines and ferns. The finishing touch was eye-catching signage.

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