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​I found Graced Designs through my sister, when she was looking for a designer for her Airbnb property.... On the phone, Malia was very warm and personable. We made an appointment to meet in person and talk about ideas. In the very first few minutes of our meeting, she already made me look at my space in a whole different way.I was only looking to consult for my living room, but she gave me insight on different parts of my house. It was eye-opening to me how she saw my space. She explained to me why I should consider setting up my office in  a different part of the house based on the layout of the rooms, how I might want to draw attention to my vertical space and how certain colors enhance and balance out others.  And all of this within minutes of looking at my space. She was also very organized: she had me fill out a worksheet that asked about my color preferences and styles I connected with.  Since I haven't worked with a designer before, I was apprehensive about being able to convey to her what I saw in my mind's eye. The next day, she sent me sample pictures and asked me how I felt about each one: what I liked about it and what didn't work for me.  The sample pictures she showed me convinced me that she knew the feel and style that I was going for.Malia responds quickly to texts, especially when I am out and about shopping for items and asking her if it all goes together. Much more than designing my living room, she is educating me on how to look at my space differently. Also, she is opening up a new world of colors, patterns and designs that are outside my comfort zone.  When I look at her design board, I recognize why I needed her to show me other iterations of my color and style choices. Left on my own, I would stick with the tried and true and predictable. But her spec sheets show me different possibilities that cover my comfort level from the safe and timid to bolder versions.I know that once the project is done, it will be a true reflection of my personality and style. Even if you feel that you don't need an interior designer,  I think that a consultation with Malia is still very educational. If you are looking for an interior designer, Malia will  bring your design vision to the next level.

Patrick E.

Friant, Ca

​We found Malia with Graced Designs as we started out a huge renovation job to open our professional office center. She has been AMAZING to work with! She listened to our thoughts and goals, and completely captured our vision of our center and made it possible. Our space was a maze of ugly wallpaper, weird hallways, 5 different styles of design, and no ADA. I don't know how she saw beyond all that, and completely transformed it to the stunning space it is today. You can see the transformation on her Instagram. Every part of the way, Malia was professional, went the extra mile, accommodated our needs and timelines, and remained gracious and kind throughout our year long project. I can not recommend Malia enough. You will not be disappointed, and your place with be left beautifully transformed! You can come and see ours if you have any doubt.

Grace M.

Reedley Executive Center, Downtown Reedley

Malia of Graced Designs has been an amazing partner in making my restaurant dream come true. I found her on Yelp... I sent her a message and she replied in a matter of minutes. We set a meeting and the rest is history.
Our restaurant is called Boba Silog, located in Fresno, it is now open and operational with Malia's help. Through her I was connected with amazing people who helped with electrical, construction, HVAC, plants, etc. Malia understands my vision and she was able to deliver it on schedule and on budget. When faced with difficult situations, Malia was able to think outside of the box and comes up with solutions. She communicates well and explains the whole process. She is a great partner in such a stressful process.

Jackie M.

Boba Silog, Fresno

LOVED working with Graced designs on my business interior design!! Malia LISTENED and HEARD the vision I had, and knew just how to pull the project together! She worked with me on some challenging ideas, added elements I never would have thought of AND stayed professional, timely, and gracious! She took the time to research city codes and details to make sure the completed project was fully compliant and functional! 
My boutique cafe in located in an upscale shopping center ( Patio cafe in Fig  garden Village). We have high expectations from our Leasing agent and our guests. We repeatedly receive compliments on this amazing remodel! 5 stars for all aspects of this project! She put me in touch with the right people, walked me through ordering and deliveries, and did it all with enthusiasm and grace! 
Highly recommend Graced Designs!

Robyn R.

Patio Cafe, Fig Garden, Fresno

Malia is definitely a master at her craft. She is very responsive, reliable and worked with our budget to get us exactly what we wanted. I talked about what I would love to see in our shop and she pinned it on the design. Our space now feels like a place we love to walk into!

Roll Me Some

Old Town Clovis, CA

We absolutely loved working with Malia (Graced Designs). We get compliments about the design of our shop EVERY day. She was able to see our vision. She is creative, talented, and passionate about designing. We never doubted her. Thank you Malia!!!! 

The Cupcake Route

Hanford, CA

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